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 Hi Catherine, thank you for talking to Country All Over.

 The album “Always Never Enough”…From the beginning of development, was your approach to this album different from your previous albums? 

Yes, I wanted to write this album on my own and get back to what I started out doing, which was being a singer/songwriter. I just concentrated on writing the best songs I could and then found the best team/producer/band/place to record them.

And the current single “Charlestown Road”, I think just about every Australian adult can relate to this song…Do you have a specific memory that inspired the song or was it a collection of memories, or something else?

I actually got inspired to write this song whilst listening to John Williamson sound check at a gig we were both performing on. I grew up listening to Willo and there is something so simple and honestly Australiana about his songs that I love and take me back to my childhood when we used to listen to him on family holiday car rides.

You produced ‘Always Never Enough’ along with Bill Chambers…How did you enjoy that and how much influence did you both have on the final sound of the album?

Stepping into the Producer role for the first time was extremely intimidating. I wasn’t sure if I was cut out for it, but I definitely felt ready. I can’t see me doing it any other way from now on. I loved having full creative control and when it’s YOUR album, that’s the way it should be.

I spent the weekend listening to each of your albums, they are quite diverse in style…Is this something you’re conscious of when writing new material or has it been a natural progression?

First off, thank you for listening to all my work!

I have never tried to write a certain way or be a certain kind of artist I have always just written from and followed my heart. I will continue to do so in the future.

With social media playing a big part in promoting music these days, how do you find the process of interaction with fans on mediums such as Facebook or Twitter?

Well, that’s just a part of my generation really so I LOVE it and have no problem with it at all. I run all my websites along with my Manager and we always try to keep the fans in the loop. After all, they are the reason I get to sing for a living.

We’ve also noted on Facebook that you’re giving your fans the chance to vote on your playlist for your Tamworth Hillbilly Sessions.  Any surprises with their suggestions?

Yes actually, there are some songs that I had no idea were such a huge hit with the fans. It was honestly one of the best things I have done because I have gotten to see what my fans want to hear live and that’s great! Every gig will be affected by this.

And speaking of Tamworth…Seven Golden Guitar Nominations for ‘Always Never Enough’, and this following a Golden Guitar for Sweet Emmylou last year…What do these nominations and awards mean to you?

I was honestly shocked and so honoured. I always seem to be such an underdog at these things and I’ve always been quite content with that, so I'm going to be peeing my pants this year!!!!

And for new fans, yet to see you in concert, how would you describe a Catherine Britt live show to them?

I just try to be as real as possible on stage, tell the stories behind the songs and have as much fun as possible. My shows are about the music and the songs and the audience and there is no place on the world that I feel more comfortable than on the stage.

And away from music, what are some of your interests and hobbies?

I love to keep fit and healthy so I do Crossfit and lots of other sports. I love hanging with friends and family and going to the beach and I love hanging, playing and going for walks with my new rescue dog Johnny Rascal Cash.

And finally, what does 2013 have in store for Catherine Britt?

Lots of hard work, some side projects, some new adventures and onwards and upwards I say!

Thank you.

Thank you Catherine and we look forward to seeing you in Tamworth. 

Interview by Steve Rake 08/01/2013


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Charlestown Road
Catherine Britt (Always Never Enough)