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What is your earliest memory of music or being interested in music? 

My earliest memory would be listening to CCR’s (Cosmo’s Factory) on my Dad’s record player in the lounge room, admiring the cover and thinking wow this is cool stuff.

And you have a new single coming out, what can you tell about this song? 

The new single is Precious One and it was written for my two children Georgia (almost 18) and Adam (16), I wanted to ensure that I had a song that was especially for them but it is a universal theme about the parent/child bond.

How would you explain the music you write, play and sing? 

My influences are so varied, country, folk, blues, rock, pop, even opera! I call my style coastal country and first and foremost I’m a storyteller I believe.

Do you have an embarrassing/funny musical experience you can share with us? 

I used to do a lot of wedding gigs, I remember getting up to sing in a church once while the bride & groom signed their certificates and the mic didn’t work, only the backing track.. by the time the priest got it sorted out there was only he and I left.. I sang ‘we’ve only just begun’ (The Seekers) just to him!

What do you enjoy most about working in the music industry? 

It’s an industry where you can be totally creative and self-expressive, muso’s attract muso’s .. we speak the same language.

Is there a particular artist that has had a musical influence on you?

I would probably say that Joni Mitchell and Patty Griffin have been hugely influential but there are many others.

What music are you listening to at the moment? 

Amos Lee - Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song (2013).

What are some of your other interests away from music? 

I work in the field of social work/counselling and I love working with children & families and supporting them to realise their full potential and overcome adversity.

If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be and why? 

My late Great Grandmother (because I didn’t ask her enough questions), her Great Grandfather Frederick Ward a.k.a ‘Captain Thunderbolt’, and John Williamson so he can write a song about our conversation.

What are you looking forward to most over the next 12 months? 

Building on the foundations of my last two albums and celebrating life!

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Interview by Steve Rake

10 November 2013

Watch the video for "Precious One" on YouTube


At just 13yrs of age Jackie joined her first band and began her early introduction to the craft of song-writing and performance. . It’s been a steady walk for this vibrant Aussie artist to receiving the recognition she so deserves. 

Jackie enjoys life in the picturesque surrounds of the Northern Illawarra, a factor she contributes to her creative inspiration. With many years experience in live performing and over a decade of song-writing behind her Jackie entered an Illawarra song competition in 2008, Colin Buchanan judged the performance of her song “A few wrong turns” the overall competition winner. This recognition inspired Jackie to enter the Telstra Road to Tamworth competition in 2008 where she was successfully chosen as one of the fourteen heat finalists for the entire Sydney region.

After contacting Producer Matt Fell in 2009 she began her campaign to take her music into the studio in 2010 and as an independent artist, produce something special. TIDE is Aussie Alt-Country at its best taking the listener on a journey that promises to be insightful and entertaining. Jackie’s debut single ‘a few wrong turns’ has been selected for inclusion on the ABC Music compilation album ‘COUNTRY 4 MUM’ released 2011. Jackie second single and title track TIDE is now receiving radio airplay around the country and CMC. and in 2011 Jackie was nominated as a finalist in the Australian Independent Artist Development (AIADA) People’s Choice Award. Alongside artists Jetty Road and The Prairie Oysters Jackie performed in a gala showcase at the Capitol Theatre Tamworth for the 2012 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Jackie has since gone on to support such renowned artists as Rick Price, Ray Beadle, Catherine Britt, Dragon & The Flood amongst others.

This artist is real, personal and philosophical by nature. Her voice is sweet yet strong and her songs will move you. As Matt Fell describes “With Jackie, the songs and her are the same”. A hard working and determined artist 'doors and windows' promise to open for this emerging singer-songwriter.