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Invincible Me
(Christie Lamb EP)

We’ve just read your bio on your website…Wow! You’ve accomplished so much already…what are your next career goals?

 My next major goal is to co-write and record my debut album. I would like to continue to promote my music and to gain more fans, but I will need more material shortly to promote myself further.

And what inspired you to chase a career in the music industry?

 I started dancing at six years old and always loved being on stage. I started playing flute at eight years old, piano and singing at ten years old and writing songs and playing guitar at fourteen years old. I always loved both dancing and singing, but after tearing the cartilage in my knee at twelve, I focused more on singing and became stronger at that.

 My first “country” competition was the NSW/ACT Champion of Champions, all the entrants were championship winners of an area, but one invited contestant was allowed per year. I was asked at fourteen if I would like an invite to enter the under 18 section, but I only knew one “country” song. I learnt a Slim Dusty song to go with the other song I knew and entered the competition for experience…..I couldn’t believe it when Frank Ifield called me to the stage as a place getter (with my going home clothes on and cream cake around my mouth!)

Country music just suited my voice and I was very inspired to continue and loved all aspects of singing, writing and playing instruments.

You’ve just released your second single and video clip, ‘Invincible Me’.  Tell us about this song.

 ‘Invincible Me’ was written by the same writing team as my first single “Mr. Wrong”: Jay Collie, Jasper Somerville Collie and myself. It’s a country/blues song inspired by Linda Ronstadt’s song ‘You’re No Good’. This song features the smooth-as-silk lead guitar talents of my producer Rod McCormack.  The story behind the song is about becoming stronger after a relationship ends and not making the same mistake twice.

 In the video clip I get my revenge on the guy who cheated, which was fun to shoot…for me anyway! lol

How have you found the experience of putting together video clips for your songs?

I have been lucky that both my clips were directed by multi Golden Guitar Winner Duncan Toombs, who is very creative and really brings out the best in the performers in the clips. Duncan and I click and work very well together and after consulting on the ideas, planning and organising, the actual day is a lot of fun.

You’ve also been touring with the ‘Jon English Rock revolution’…how did that come about and what have been the highlights?

 I received a phone call from Coralea – the manager of the Jon English show, who had checked out my website and she asked if I would be interested and available for a nationwide tour with 55-60 dates. I was very interested and thought it would be great experience, especially as the cast are all so talented and are all multi instrumental players, but I had to think about my other commitments too. I am currently doing my last semester of a Bachelor of Music and I have a lot of regular gigs that I didn’t want to lose and festivals that I had applied for and a radio release coming up……..  needless to say this has been a VERY busy couple of months for me!

The highlights have been singing the female lead in ‘six ribbons’ with Jon himself, performing to packed out theatres with standing ovations, the friendships made with the cast members and gaining new fans and experiences along the way.

You’ve performed with some other big names too…any favourites?

Of course I’m loving the Jon English tour at the moment, and I have to say Jon is a really great guy. Other country artists I have enjoyed performing with, that are absolutely beautiful people include Gina Jeffreys, Adam Harvey, Aleyce Simmonds and the guys from Simply Bushed are always a blast! lol

What’s your favourite part of performing live shows?  And do you have a show that stands out as a highlight and why?

My favourite part of performing live shows is when the audience get really involved and sing and dance along with the songs. Recently on the Jon English Tour a lot of the audience get up and dance and sing along and Jon even gets ‘large’ undies thrown at him. lol

Mr Wrong was my first original song released to radio and recently at gigs some people actually sing along, some even know the words to all my EP songs!                                                                              

It’s very surreal and so amazing to see people singing along with my original songs at my own gigs.

My favourite live show that I have performed at has to be at the Sydney Opera House a couple of years ago. It was a show for the ‘Encore of Music HSC’ and most of the performers were elite musicians and composers, but two vocalists were chosen from 6,000 students and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

I had to open the show with my own composition and band. When I came on the audience screamed and clapped so loud and with the acoustics in there it sounded like thunder!   I am not usually nervous, but it made my heart drop to my feet in 2 seconds flat! It was such an honour to be included in the talent level that was there and I’ll never forget it.

Finally, we heard on the grapevine that you bought a banjo…when can we expect to hear you play a tune for us?

 HAHAHA I think it will have to be sometime next year at least. My schedule is so tight for the next couple of months, I have no time to practice or learn anything!

 As soon as my degree finishes in November I will be writing and catching up with quite a few other things I want to do too, including practicing mandolin and banjo.

Thanks for talking with us Christie…here’s a chance for a free plug…anything else you want to tell us and all the country music fans out there?

 First of all, thanks for your support and for interviewing me.

 My single is out now at radio stations and I would LOVE it if you could request it at your local station.

 Please check out my clip on YouTube at

 And keep in touch with music updates by liking my face book music page at

 My website also has gig details and updates at

 And finally I would love to meet all of you at a gig someday, don’t be afraid to come and say ‘Hi’ if you see me.

 Take care

Christie XxXx

Interview by Steve Rake 06/09/2012