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Fresh out of the studio, Dana Hassall is hitting the road with her new album 'Spinning Wheels'.  The Queensland singer/songwriter brings an Americana feel to her first full-length record, produced by award winning producer, Matt Fell (Shane Nicholson, Sara Storer, Graeme Connors), who also produced her EP 'See It Now'.

Having started her songwriting journey at age eight, Dana Hassall grew up along with her songs.  As a result, her songs convey a lot of life lessons, observations and the occasional love-gone-wrong story.  The talented young artist has spent the last few years writing as much as possible and lists influences such as Ryan Adams, John Mayer, Shane Nicholson and Harry Hookey as just a few of her favourites in recent years.

"Dana Hassall has developed such a unique & contemporary approach to singing & writing that it not only hooks the ear but causes the listener to tilt their head as if in contemplation of the highest art." (Luke O'Shea)

10 Q’s with Dana Hassall.


1. What is your earliest memory of music or being interested in music?

I remember standing on a stool in the living room when I was 6 or 7 doing actions to Savage Garden and Lee Kernaghan, pretending I was up on a stage. Not too long after that, mum suggested I join a music club and enter a talent quest, and the rest is history.

2. Who would you most like to sing a duet with?
I have a long-standing love affair with John Mayer. A duet with him would be top of the list.

3. What advice would you give anyone considering a career in the music industry?

Be prepared to work hard and live simply, but you’ll be happier at work than anyone you know.

"Spinning Wheels" - Dana Hassall

4. Do you have an embarrassing / funny musical experience you can share with us?
I once showed up for a covers band audition expecting middle-aged guys who would be into a lot of the 80s/90s music that I like to cover. What I actually walked into was a very awkward half hour with some  60+ aged not-so-great musicians who didn’t know any of the music I wanted to play. I haven’t looked for a band in the classifieds since!

5. What other interests do you have away from music?
I love to read books. I could get lost in a book all day if there were no distractions. I also love people-watching -you can learn a lot from trying to understand the things people do, and it comes in handy for songwriting.

6. What is your career highlight, so far?
It might sound a bit lame, but holding my album in my hands for the first time was a pretty great feeling. It was recorded completely independently with all my own songs, and I find things mean a lot more when you made them happen through your own work.

7. What music are you listening to at the moment?
I just got home from a 13 hour road trip last night and the artists I had playing were Jason Isbell, John Mayer, Sarah Humphreys and Sinead Burgess.

8. What is your favourite film?
Don’t do this to me! I saw Finding Dory this week and it was pretty amazing. I love just about everything with Emma Stone in it.

9. If you could invite 3 people to dinner who would they be?
John Mayer, Jason Isbell and Emma Stone. I think that would be an amusingly awkward dinner.

10. What is next on the agenda for Dana Hassall?
I have some shows in Victoria coming up in July and August and I’m headed back to Qld for a little bit in September. For now I’m adjusting to my new adventures in Canberra and enjoying the freezing cold scarf weather!

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