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Following on from his highly successful, self-titled debut country release of 2014, Matt Cornell has just released his 4th studio album (2nd country release) titled My Soundtrack. An album that firmly stamps Matt’s mark on the Australian country music scene. My Soundtrack showcases Matt’s talent as a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. After listening to this album, listeners will have a better understanding of who Matt Cornell is as a person and as an artist and will see why he is fast becoming one of Australian country music’s hottest rising stars.

The seven track album was produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios and once again Matt Fell has shown why he is one of the premier music producers in this country. The production on My Soundtrack is simply first class.

Matt co-wrote all but one track on the album. Five of the tracks were co-written with Allan Caswell, with Drew McAlister also contributing to the co-write on the title track. Matt collaborated with Damien Leith to pen the track ‘Rest of Our Lives’.

The first single released from the album ‘In This Town’ certainly set the bar for what fans could expect from Matt with this new offering. The theme of small town heroes resonated with fans when the single came out in September 2016 and Matt visits a similar topic with the track ‘What He Does’.

My Soundtrack is an album full of positivity, with up-tempo, feel good songs that will have you singing (and perhaps even dancing) along in no time. Right from the start, the first track ‘It’s Only Midnight’, is an upbeat optimistic song that conveys the magic of a new relationship, of spending time with that special someone & not wanting the night to end. My Soundtrack is an album you will most certainly want to turn up loud and hit repeat, whether driving down a highway or simply chilling out at home. The title track ‘My Soundtrack’ reflects on growing up in the 80’s & the music that shaped the lives of those who grew up in that era. This song is so infectious, I dare anyone not to have it stuck in their head for days after.

There’s only one ballad on the album, the beautifully written ‘Un-Break My Heart’ and what a heartbreak song it is! ‘Un-Break My Heart’ came about through personal experience and Matt delivers this touching song with raw emotion, sensitivity and honesty. His vocals are sublime and the result is a song that will tug at your heartstrings, leave you with goose-bumps & possibly even have you shed a few tears. It is one of the most beautifully emotive & tender songs I have ever heard Matt sing.

The final track on the album ‘Jenny Packs Her Bags’ is a fantastic closer to a superb album. The production on this track gives the song an 80’s rock feel with amazing guitar work and the song really kicks along with a well written storyline. This song could fast become a favourite amongst fans especially at live shows.

My Soundtrack is a fresh sounding, good time album of uplifting songs that will resonate with fans who appreciate great music. Even though Matt has found his home in the country genre, his music is universal. If you love the type of album you can put on, turn up loud and just get lost in the music, Matt’s new album My Soundtrack is definitely a must have for your record collection. This is a first class album, from an exceptionally gifted artist, who has stepped out of the shadows and straight into the spotlight.

With My Soundtrack, Matt has released one of his finest albums to date. If you’re a fan of Matt, this album will reaffirm everything you already love about him. If you haven’t discovered Matt’s music before now, My Soundtrack is the perfect album to get acquainted with Matt Cornell.

Review by Glenda Deshon 

Matt Cornell - In This Town (Official Music Video).

Matt had his official album launch for "My Soundtrack" on Wednesday 29 March.  Read Glenda Deshon's launch review by clicking the link below:

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