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Back in January of 2012, just prior to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, I was told about a Tasmanian band making their first trek to the festival. Prior to their arrival, I went to iTunes and downloaded their current self-titled EP to check out their sound.

The EP consisted of 5 tracks, and I must say, one song in particular, “Everywhere”, remains one of my favourite songs to this day (youtube link on right). In saying that, the EP consists of two other standout tracks, being “You Don’t Own Her” and “Drivin’ Fast, Livin’ Easy”. The band had an edgy country rock sound, with a distinctly Aussie Pub feel …even from listening to the EP you could picture yourself at the pub with mates listening to these guys over a couple of ales and partying into the night. Now suitably impressed, I was looking forward to seeing these guys play live in Tamworth.

However, the entertainment started prior to their festival arrival…the band consisting of two brothers, Tom and Nick Wolfe (pictured right), and two of their best mates, Brodie Rainbird and Casey Kostiuk, had taken leave from their day jobs and packed the car and trailer for the trek to Tamworth. Following their trek via social media, was like following a live episode of The Leyland Brothers as they documented their journey across the states towards 2340.

When the band finally arrived in Tamworth, I was lucky enough to meet the guys before their first performance on the Peel Street stage. You could see the excitement in their eyes as they prepared to play... and the realisation that they were now going to be part of Australia’s largest music festival.

I remember their first show being at around twilight and still quite hot – Tamworth regulars would know what I mean by ‘quite hot’!  My wife, our two children and I wandered down Peel Street handing out some flyers to help build a crowd for the boys…In the end that may not have mattered, because when the boys started playing, the Peel Street crowds gravitated to the stage – The Wolfe Brothers had arrived!  

After a successful Tamworth and another Leyland Brothers like journey home, the boys were up for their next challenge and what a challenge they set themselves…entering the national television competition “Australia’s Got Talent”. On national television, the band continued to wow the judges and audiences alike…so much so that they made it through to the Grand Final and ended up taking away the runners up prize!  Not bad for a country band, on a show that consisted of music acts of all genres and acts of great variety. 

From here, The Wolfe Brothers exploded on to the Australian music scene.

What followed, is one of the great Australian Music success stories. The band was signed by ABC Music, and were taken on as the official backing band for Australian country music great, Lee Kernaghan. (pictured: Lee Kernaghan and Brodie Rainbird)

The band released their debut album “It’s On” in 2013 and in a sign of the band’s new found success, not only did the album consist of multiple hit singles, the title track “It’s On”, was used as one of the official theme songs by the 2014 Tamworth Country Music Festival.

In September 2014, the band released their second album, “Nothin’ But Trouble”. This album continued the winning formula from their previous works, with great country rock anthems and ballads, which sound awesome on the home stereo or in the car on a long road trip. But to get the true Wolfe Brothers experience, you have to get to one of the band’s live shows – They are carrying the flag for the great Aussie pub band! (pictured: Casey Kostiuk)


It's On - The Wolfe Brothers

Article written by Stephen Rake

February 2015

That Kinda Night - The Wolfe Brothers

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