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Lee Kernaghan performed at Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre on Wednesday night (14/10/15) to a sold out crowd with support acts Christie Lamb and The Wolfe Brothers. Although playing individual sets, the support acts remained a part of Lee’s entire show. The Wolfe Brothers and Christie had their moments to shine during Lee’s show and that’s what made it so special.

CMC’s 2015 New OZ Artist, Christie Lamb played a 3 song set to open. What I Love About Love, I Wish You Were A Cowboy and the title track to her latest album “All She Wrote”. Christie’s set was tight and polished, she didn’t miss a beat and her flawless vocals soared. When she first came out on stage I automatically thought, “She’s such a shining light”. Christie was accompanied by Jonathon English on guitar and background vocals. ( Fun fact: He’s the son of Jon English, Australian Singer Songwriter, musician and actor) Jonathon also joined Lee, The Wolfe Brothers and Christie throughout the show as well.

The Wolfe Brothers had great interaction with the crowd, their song “The Girl, The Bottle, The Memory” proving to be the crowd favourite after explaining how the song came to be. One of the brothers (Tom) had met the perfect girl, thought they would marry, have kids and live happily ever after and sadly it wasn’t meant to be, hence the title of the song! The boys from Tasmania sounded great acoustically and their vocals and musicianship had some great moments to shine.

Lee then joined The Wolfe Brothers, a little unexpectedly being that we are used to the “Main” Act to come out alone (With their own band). But no, Lee unassumingly joins the band for his first set with songs from his own catalogue. The Wolfe Brothers backing Lee as if they had been his “band” members all along. Lee’s classic Australian anthem “The Outback Club” had the Aussie country crowd singing along to every lyric.

The second half of Lee’s show included songs from his most brilliant work to date, the “Spirit Of The Anzacs” album. (Lee was granted unique access to the Australian War Memorial archive, ’SPIRIT OF THE ANZACS’ is inspired by the letters of these diggers to their loved ones).

Lee told us the story behind each song he played with images shown on the big screen relating to it. It was an emotional experience and I don’t think I was the only one wiping tears from my face, listening to stories about those who enlisted and their families. The battles. The sacrifices. The courage. Lee captured the spirit of each story and you could feel the respect he had for our servicemen.

Christie Lamb shows us she’s a star again when she sings the heart wrenching “Song For Grace”, showing us a tender side and vunerability to her beautiful vocals. It was lovely that Lee allowed Christie to have her “Moment”.

“I was a girl of thirteen when my brothers went off to the war Martin and Robert and Jack, and as I wave from the door, I thought who in the world could have brothers as handsome as they Three Australian Light Horsemen I see their proud figures today”

Lee’s “Spirit Of The Anzacs” ballad is breathtaking, joined by The Wolfe Brothers, Christie and Jon. A tribute to those who have given their lives, those who have served, and those that still today step bravely into the unknown to serve our country.

“The Songs And Stories Concert” showcases some of Australia’s best country music talent, and it leaves you with an overwhelming sense of pride for our war heroes and what it means to be Australian." 

Review by Melanie Thompson

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