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Matt Cornell -‘My Soundtrack’ Album Launch Review

by Glenda Deshon (music lover, supporter and promoter of Australian Country Music)
Date: Wednesday 29 March 2017
Location: Bridge Hotel, Rozelle Sydney

When it came to choosing a venue to host his album launch, Matt Cornell didn’t have to look very far. The Bridge Hotel is a venue Matt has been a regular at since he was 18 & he has seen many bands perform live there over the years.  The Bridge Hotel is steeped in live music history and Matt has always loved the charisma and vibe that is felt within the hotel, its very old school, very rock n roll and it seemed right that this should be the venue to host his very first album launch. Matt’s association with the Bridge Hotel came full circle on Wednesday night. From those early days of seeing his idols perform, Matt now found himself upon the same stage showcasing his new album to a room full of supporters.   His dream of one day playing in this iconic venue finally coming true.


The night kicked off with Damien Baguley doing support. Damien (with help from a couple of viper creek band mates) put on a half hour acoustic set of Viper Creek songs & did an awesome job warming up the crowd. Damien is an amazing talent in his own right and highlighted what a gifted musician and vocalist he truly is with this acoustic set.


But the night belonged to Matt Cornell and at 8.15pm, Matt along with his band (Chris Kamzelas, Colin Coorie, Mark Ferris and Adam Church) hit the stage and launched straight into ‘It’s Only Midnight’, the first track off the new album ‘My Soundtrack’. Matt followed this with another from the new album called ‘What He Does’. Matt co-wrote this track with Allan Caswell and Adam Church and both co-writers were in the house (Allan in the audience and Adam playing drums).


The room was filled with a mixture of family, friends, industry and fans & from the moment Matt stepped on stage he had the audience in the palm of his hand with his energetic and engaging stage presence.


Matt promised special guests and he didn’t disappoint.


The first guest to join Matt was Drew McAlister. Drew co-wrote the title track with Matt and Allan Caswell and also provided background harmonies on the recording. Matt & Drew performed ‘My Soundtrack’ together and it went over a treat, receiving appreciative applause from the audience.


The second guest to join Matt on stage was Mike Carr. Matt and Mike have a connection that goes back many years and have co-written quite a number of songs together in the past. Mike joined Matt to perform the track ‘Don’t Feel Like Doing it’ a song they co-wrote which featured on Matt’s previous self-titled release.


Damien Leith was Matt’s third guest and they performed ‘Rest of Our Lives’, a song that came to life during their very first songwriting session and made its way onto the new album. Their performance of this track was one of many highlights of the night.


Matt’s final special guest was Amber Lawrence. In honour of the Dixie Chicks playing across town on the same night, the pair performed the Keith Urban & The Ranch classic ‘Some Days You Gotta Dance’ which was also covered by the Dixie Chicks.


Not only did Matt perform every track from the new album, he also included a couple of numbers from his previous releases, and at the halfway point, Matt gave the band a break and did an acoustic set which included fan favourites Outta This Town & Feels Like Yesterday. Matt also sang ‘In This Town’ the first single released from the new album ‘My Soundtrack’.


Without doubt, the moment that stole the night was when Matt sang ‘Unbreak My Heart’, the only ballad that features on the new album. With his band back on stage, Matt had the audience captivated as he delivered the song with haunting tender vocals and raw emotion. You could have heard a pin drop during this number and I dare say there was a tear or two shed within the audience as it was a truly moving performance.


The final track of the night was ‘Jenny Packs her Bags’ which is also the final track on the album. This 80’s inspired song is perfectly suited for a live setting and Matt, backed by his superb band, had the audience rocking. 


The crowd weren’t going to let Matt finish up that easy though, an encore was demanded and Matt came back on stage to perform the Stereophonics hit ‘Dakota’ which really brought the place alive and the night to a close.


Overall, the launch was a fantastic night of live music.  Matt & band delivered a stellar live show & everyone in attendance left happy knowing they had been completely and thoroughly entertained by a world class performer.


Not only did Matt successfully launch ‘My Soundtrack’, an album that is undeniably his finest record to date, he also validated why he is a highly regarded singer, songwriter and entertainer.


If the album launch for ‘My Soundtrack’ is anything to go by, we will all be hearing and seeing a lot more of Matt Cornell in the future, as he is an artist definitely on the way to becoming a household name in Australian Country Music.


My Soundtrack is available now from, iTunes, Google Play, Sanity, JB HiFi and Checked Label Services.