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Carrie Underwood’s Top 5 Opry Performances

by Melanie Thompson 

June 2015

Carrie Underwood is performing at the Grand Ole Opry this Tuesday 9th (her first appearance since having baby Isaiah!) so I thought to celebrate I would pick my Top 5 Opry performances to date.

Every time Carrie performs on the Opry stage there’s just something so special about it. (And it’s felt even listening online or via the Opry App all the way over here in Australia!) Her fans from all over the world make sure they don’t miss listening in. And with the time difference some of us may or may not even stay up to the early hours of the morning to catch it. 

5. "I Told You So"

Carrie performs "I Told You So" at the opry to celebrate Randy Travis' 25th Opry Anniversary on October 4, 2011. A classic country song, sung in a classic country place. Perfection.

4. “You’re Looking At Country”

Carrie performs the Loretta Lynn classic "You're Looking at Country" as part of GAC's Noteworthy at the Opry series celebrating Loretta Lynn's 50th Opry Anniversary. I think her fans will agree with me here, Carrie singing traditional country is nothing short of sublime. Can we have Carrie release an album singing only traditional country please?

3. “Jesus Take The Wheel”

Carrie sings "Jesus Take The Wheel" (joined by Vince Gill) on the night of her induction as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Vince Gill. Carrie. Need I say more?

2. “Keep Us Safe”

Her vocals are absolutely flawless on this, a song recorded for ACM Lifting Lives. This one will send shivers down your spine.

1. “Wine After Whiskey”

“Wine After Whiskey” (from the album Blown Away) will forever be a fan favourite. I would love to see this on her set list on the next tour. If only this song had been a single. Sigh.

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