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Track by Track Analysis by Catherine

1. Always Never Enough - I allowed myself one song on this album to pour all of my heartache and anger into and that's exactly what this song encapsulates. It goes to show, you shouldn't date a songwriter and then break her heart as it’s always going to come out in a song on their next album.

2. Charlestown Road - I grew up in a humble house on the main road that runs through Charlestown in Newcastle called "Charlestown Road". My grandparents owned it and then my parents bought it and raised us children in it. We moved out when I was about 11 not too far away and rented it out to my brother and his wife so they could raise their kids in it. Mum and Dad eventually sold it and the new owners built on a couple of storeys, put up a big unfriendly fence and completely changed it. It now looks nothing like the house I grew up in but I will always have very fond memories of my childhood home and growing up on Charlestown Road.

3. Addicted To The Pain - I didn't plan on doing any co-writing for this album because I wasn’t having any trouble creating song after song once I got into songwriting mode. However I did sit down one day with my co-producer and dear friend Bill Chambers and we wrote two songs that both ended up on the album. This song is a sum up of my relationships in the past. Its a bit of fun really, a serious subject put into a song in a cheeky way.

4. Sally Bones – I have some aboriginal family who live in Alice Springs in Central Australia, and I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with them throughout the years. They do wonderful things for the community out there and try to change things for the better. My cousin Bess Nungarrayi Price is an Australian indigenous activist and former chair of the Northern Territory Indigenous Affairs Advisory Council, and her outspoken voice has rightly criticised the high levels of violence in Central Australian indigenous communities and supported the Northern Territory Intervention to help stop the wide spread sexual abuse of women and children. Bess has appeared on Q&A and is a very well spoken, intelligent woman who inspires me with her pursuit to make a change, and it is this pursuit that has changed me forever and inspired this song.

5. There's Gotta Be More - In my down time between albums or touring I can get quite antsy and intolerable to be around due to a life time of dealing with ADHD. I have been really lucky that when I was young I found music and it was my way of focusing that energy into something I loved and in a lot of ways music saved me when I was in school. But when things slow down, it's not good for my mind, so my dad suggested the last time he saw this happening that I start working a few days a week as a Teachers’ Aide. If it ever didn't work out that I was going to become a musician for a living, I had always wanted to be like my father and go into psychology and help people, so I saw this job as a way of doing that without the lengthy time spent on a degree. Other than music, working as a teachers’ aide for a year and a half was by far the best thing I have ever done in my life and I love it just as much as making music. Working with these kids and hearing some of their horrific stories changed me forever. This song is based on one boy that I worked with in that time - this is his story.

6. I'm Your Biggest Fan - I have three older brothers who all have had, like me, completely different paths in life. The middle brother, Adam, was a rebel of sorts in his teens. He hung out with the wrong crowd, he ran away from home, he got into some bad situations and caused my parents some conventional teenage grief. He met a girl in school and fell head over heels in love with her and got her pregnant at 16. They decided to keep the baby, leave school and do everything they could to make it work - and boy did they! They are still together and one of the happiest couples I know. They now have three children and are only in their mid 30's with a teenager learning to drive. Adam managed to work full time and raise the family while also doing full time uni to study to be a teacher and somehow managed to do it all and is now a teacher in Newcastle. He is the first of the siblings to buy his own home and has turned out to be a dapper young man. I wrote this song after returning home from a family celebration in their newly purchased home and I am, by far, his biggest fan.

7. A Good Few Years - I wrote this song after spending a night with a singer/songwriter friend of mine. He told me a story that was enchanting and then ended it with... "Well.... at least it's been a good few years". I went back to my hotel and wrote it down and later finished the song. The lyrics are pretty much word for word what he said mixed in a little with my life story at times. I guess I could relate.

8. Troubled Man - I have gotten to know Australian rock crooner Tim Rogers through a side project that Bill Chambers and I have been working on with Tim. I hadn't intended to do a duet with Tim Rogers on this album but when I arrived in Austin to make the album, I was so inspired by the town and the project that I wrote this song in my hotel room the day before we went in to record and I knew immediately that it was a song for Tim and I to sing together. I recorded the song in Austin and brought it home and sent it to Tim to see what he thought. Luckily he liked it and we recorded the vocal at Nash Chambers’ studio before the album mixing began. It's one of my favourite things I have ever done.

9. Mind Your Own Business - I wrote this song after a phone call from my manager when we discussed some comments, which were completley wrong, that someone had made behind my back. It's a song about the music industry and my experiences at times in the fish bowl that is the public eye.

10. Our Town - I am, by no means a political person, but I watched a special that was made for SBS called "Go Back Where You Came From" which is based on a group of people chosen for their personal differences of opinion on the refugees that are coming to Australia and sent them on an emotional journey similar to the one the boat people take and filmed their reactions, altering opinions and their story along the way. I found it utterly fascinating and as soon as it finished I wrote this song.

11. Thank God There Is A Train - The other co-write with Bill Chambers on the album, written after an experience with a friend who is kinda like a muse to me when it comes to writing songs. I took the story to Bill and he helped it come to life. It's word for word a true story and because of that I will not reveal my true source.

12. She Ain't Going No-where - By far the coolest thing I have ever done in my career is getting to record this song as a duet with the one and only Guy Clark. Guy is a hero of mine and I was very fortunate to get to know him a when I lived in Nashville. When I asked him to pitch me a song to record on my US album he picked up a guitar and started playing this song. That was the first time I heard it and I was like, wow! And it has been my favourite Guy song since then. I was lucky he wanted to record it with me as a duet on this new album. It's very special.

13. All I Recall - A topic I haven't wanted to write about before simply as it was just too hard to talk about. Finally it did in the form of a song funnily enough when I was lying on a beach in Noumea. When I was 20 I dealt with severe depression and woke up one day after being in bed a week and was 10 kg's lighter. Amazing what stress does to your body. I got some help, went on anti-depressants and saw a therapist for a while and worked it out over about a year. Funny really, but I will never forget how people looked at me when I was skin and bones, utterly depressed and lost and yet, I’ve never had more compliments on how I look in my whole life.

14. Two Steps - Written for my best friend Elise who has found the love of her life and yet she can't marry her. This is an issue we discuss often and knowing her story and struggle with coming out and equal rights has inspired this song for her. It's her story and a fight for her, and many others, rights.


Always Never Enough
Catherine Britt (Always Never Enough)