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10 Qs with Bob Corbett

24 September 2012

1. You've just released a new album, "Everyday Is A Festival"...Tell us about this collection of songs.
Every Day Is A Festival is my fifth album and second full length album to be released within a year.. crazy I know. I sat down to write this album in May and ended up writing 23 songs. The 11 songs that ultimately made it onto the album are there because they tell my story and they are true to my style and love of music. The songs came from a real place. I didn't massage what I wanted to say for the sake of fitting in with any specific country music trend. It is a journey through my eclectic love of country and folk music, and all of the other bits that have managed to stick to my boots along the way. It's a comprehensive mix of styles, stories and emotions from radio friendly tunes to campfire classics (hey, that sounds like a great name from a compilation album!).
2. What/who inspired you to chase a career in the music industry?
 My Grandfather was a choir conductor and his son (my uncle), Michael Stove was a very popular musician in my home town of Newcastle, NSW when I was a young lad. Michael's success definitely painted a rosy picture of the industry for me. He helped set up my first ever PA system for my first gig at a school concert. He helped facilitate the privilege of tasting what it was like to play in a band, entertain people and have an absolute ball while doing it.

3. Has life changed since winning StarMaker?
 Yes and no. 'Yes' in the sense that my career has exploded, doors have opened and I am living my dream. 'No' in the sense that I am exactly the same person as I was before this - with the same grip hold on the world as had before. The year has been difficult to balance a burgeoning career with a young family at home BUT my wife (Kirrily) and I talked at length about all of this before I entered Toyota Star Maker. We also have a great family support network to pick up the slack while I am away. It's not easy - but what is?
4. Do you have an embarassing/funny musical experience you can share with us?
 Yes indeed. Due to a failure of communication and mismanagement I found myself performing an outdoor concert at Perisher during a snow/wind storm. It was so freakin' cold that my lip got stuck to the microphone. I accidentally ripped a chunk off my lip - ouch! As a footnote to this story, I was supporting a band called 'Sunroom' on tour. It was so cold that we decided to take turns at running out and playing a few songs then running back inside to thaw out.
5. What other interests do you have away from music?
Family is my main interest outside of music. Beyond that I love filmmaking and photography which conveniently bridges back into music. I've produced quite a few of our (Bob Corbett & The Roo Band's) music videos in the past. So basically I'm an obsessed artist. Anything that revolves around creativity and the imagination is interesting to me. It's not work, it's a lifestyle.
6. Do you have a favourite song to perform, one that will always be on the playlist?
My favourite song to perform is called 'Throwdowns'. It was the first track on my first ever album. We still perform it at every show. It's powerful, emotional and has the best fiddle solo I have ever heard.
7. What can fans expect from a Bob Corbett live show?
Lots of memories of a good time. You can expect lots of laughs and out of the box entertainment. Oh.. and music too. People of all ages can walk away from my show with a smile on their faces.

8. What music are you listening to at the moment?
Three albums are on rotation at the moment. Abigail Washburn, Zac Brown Band and Ian Moss's classic 'Matchbook' album from the 90's.
9. What is the definition of success to you?
A happy and healthy family.
10. What's next on the agenda for Bob Corbett?
A local album launch, many festivals and a new music video. Coming festivals are The Deni Ute Muster, Mildura CMF, Dorrigo Bluegrass Festival and Mud Bulls & Music Festival.

Exciting times ahead! Thank you for talking with Country All Over Bob.

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